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Insurance products are generally broken up into the following sector classifications of Corporate, Business, Personal and Statutory. Insurance products are not restricted to any particular classification, with some products being sold in all sectors, such as commercial motor. The important thing to remember is that although there are a number of insurance products available in the market that will meet your needs, each product has its own set of terms, conditions and exclusions. There is no such thing as a one product fits all policy. It is therefore necessary to fully understand your risks and needs and to purchase a package of insurance products to fully protect you and your assets.


Corporate Insurance

Corporate insurance policies focus on meeting the insurance needs of larger companies and corporations that are seeking to be backed by the financial security of quality insurance. ... learn more »


Business Insurance

Why should a person put money into a business venture when there are so many risks and hazards which could result in the loss of the money. Yet if people did not invest in business ... learn more »


Personal Insurance

Personal or Retail Insurance can cover a range of assets from antiques to windmills, so what ever your needs, if you own something and it’s worth protecting, then insure it. ... learn more »


Statutory Insurance

Statutory insurance are those insurance products that are compulsory for you or your business to maintain or obtain as laid down by legislation, in particular Workers Compensation ... learn more »


Product Lines

The insurance policy coverage available in the market place include Financial Lines, Commercial, Retail and Statutory. This section provides an overview of the policies and covers ... learn more »


Product Recommendation Process

We have an obligation to have a reasonable basis for the advice we provide. This requires a structured and supportable methodology for choosing the products that we will recommend ... learn more »